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An intense sore throat and white patches on your tonsils may be the first signs you have strep throat. This contagious condition requires medical care to prevent spreading it to others. At Himalaya Family Medicine Clinic, you can receive on-site, rapid strep throat testing. Bipin Kumar, MD, offers comprehensive treatment for strep throat, including antibiotics, at his Aurora, Colorado, family clinic. His treatment goal is to get you back to your usual activities as soon as possible. If you suspect you have strep throat, don’t delay an evaluation. Book a consultation online or by calling the office today.

Strep Throat Q & A

What is strep throat?

Strep throat is the result of an infection in the throat and tonsils caused by the A streptococcus bacteria. 

This type of bacteria lives in your nose and throat can easily be spread to others through a cough or sneeze. You can also develop strep throat by touching objects infected with the bacteria.

Because the condition is so contagious, you should schedule a strep throat test as soon as you experience symptoms and begin treatment quickly.

What are the symptoms of strep throat?

Strep throat may start out much like a regular sore throat, with symptoms like throat pain and difficulties swallowing. 

A hallmark symptom of strep throat includes red, swollen tonsils and white or red patches that develop at the back of the throat. Other common symptoms of strep throat include:

  • Fever
  • Body aches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

You can also develop scarlet fever, a skin rash on any part of your body.

How is strep throat diagnosed?

If you have symptoms of strep throat, Dr. Kumar performs a physical evaluation and in-office rapid strep testing. He takes a swab of the back of your throat which quickly identifies the presence of strep bacteria.

If your test is positive, Dr. Kumar creates a treatment plan to help you feel better fast and prevent the spread of the condition to others.

What treatments are available for strep throat?

After confirming a positive test result for strep throat, Dr. Kumar prescribes a course of antibiotics to clear the infection. Typically, you can expect to start feeling better within a day or two of starting the medications.

It’s important that you take the antibiotics as prescribed, even when you start feeling better, to completely clear the infection. Otherwise, you may be at risk for the strep throat infection returning.

Dr. Kumar also recommends rest and time off from work or school while your strep throat is still contagious. 

You can keep yourself comfortable at home by drinking plenty of water and eating ice pops or lozenges to alleviate throat pain. You may also need over-the-counter ibuprofen to address throat pain, inflammation, and fever.

If your throat pain is getting worse and you need a strep test, call the office or request an appointment online today.